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First negotiations between subcontracting workers and employers

Thursday, August 4th

A first round of discussion began this morning in Luka Koper between 6 representatives of 30 subcontracting companies, 5 representatives of protesting subcontracting workers with their lawyer and representatives of Luka Koper.

Subcontracting workers demand full workers rights as defined in the already valid collective agreement of Luka Koper. Concretely, all subcontracting workers of Luka Koper have to sign the same contracts, regardless of the employer they work for.

Representatives of the subcontracting companies expressed their agreement with the demands of the workers on strike. They would also welcome their cooperation in the development of the collective agreement. They used the opportunity to demand from the management of Luka Koper an increase of payment for their services. Workers on strike are opposed to this demand. They understand this proposal as an attempt to exploit the workers and their struggle with a clear goal to increase the profit and individual gain of employers. Representatives of Luka Koper had no comment on the issue. At the end of negotiations the workers on strike reaffirmed their determination to continue the protest until a collective agreement with Luka Koper is signed.